Post race surprise

5mi. I didn't want to miss the track workout today. Surprise, it's mile-for-time day! I wanted to run at 65% for all of the intervals. I did better than that, credit going to the 6 mile solo run I did after flying back from NYC on Tuesday. Mile went well, I didn't check my splits … Continue reading Post race surprise


Still no mile?

5mi. After 3 months, we still have yet to re-engage the "mile for time. I don't know that we have ever waiting this long between mile tests. Paul has missed a few, Franci led some workouts in his absence, but no miles. Hmmmm... 1 mi warmup jog 200m w/100m recovery 200m w/100m recovery 400m w/200m … Continue reading Still no mile?

Franci leads 

Today we had many runners, kids, first-timers and people we haven't seen in awhile. Erica and Keith, Jen Davis, plenty of folks that used to come every week. Paul was away so Franci's workout was the guide... 1 mi warmup jog 200m w/200m recovery 200m w/200m recovery 400m w/200m recovery 800m w/200m recovery 800m w/200m … Continue reading Franci leads 

Last one of the year…

5mi. Still barely December, still high 70s in the early morning! Marty, Franci, Paul and Seth where the early ones today. Not a large group for the last track speed workout of 2015. Paul said he was sweating after one warmup lap -  he later joked that, "The end times are near" since we haven't … Continue reading Last one of the year…